New horizons ahead

Welcome to the co-labore research facility. Here we are going to tackle some challenges that comes during the process of acquiring a new language.

So here you are, fresh for a start. As you wonder 'well, is this really for me? Am I up to the challenge that lays ahead of me?', the answer is yes, you are. Indeed, our approach to the language is going to be as close to a reality-based learning, which means that we're going to flow through the knowledge as it is meaningful. In other words, we are going to think in English to write in Portuguese, and vice versa.

And then, here goes the language barrier: 'oh boy, I've realized that thinking in English may not be the challenge that I thought it would, but writing it down, damn is it hard'. Ok, so first things first, you have a whole world of possibilities on the Internet to help you get through this difficulties. So, writing it down won't be the major problem.

I think the most important part to assimilate during the process of acquiring a new language is understanding the culture behind it. And here is the good news: You don't need to think like an American or a foreigner to talk like one. In fact, just talking in English makes you part of a bigger picture: a community that underlies the messy roads that make us contemporary.

So, in other words, relax, take a deep breath and ask yourself if it is really important to you to belong here and there. If so, our research team will guide you through.

How? Well, this is no ordinary online course with predetermined rules. You might be asked to leave us behind and come back further with new skills and some other points of view of the world. After all, language is nothing more than the process of communication.

Our modules are planned to get you through your assessments, with the aid of online videos, where you will be provoked to think outside the many boxes in existence. We also have prepared you some worksheets, all free of any charge.

Along the way, we're gonna post some tips delivering some insights about how to think and how to produce. If you're looking for ready-made contents, you may find yourself lucky enough, because here we have some. A bunch of it actually.

So, tip number one. Before getting started, plan yourself for the journey. Ask yourself what are your skills, where you excel, where you need to improve, write it down and hands on the work.

Tip number two. Maybe it would be a good idea to tackle the challenge in groups, so invite some friends for the party, make some food and rock around the clock tonight.

So here goes nothing. Let us introduce to you, from the depths of co-labore research facility our module in general English and culture. Have fun!


The ABC of English - Culture bootcamp


Have you ever thought: 'Oh gee, how do we learn stuff?' So, here is our first milestone. There is no correct way of learning, but different approaches for different utilities. Here you're gonna find some tips and tools to get you up the hill, to take you one step further. Shall we begin?


Ok, you got your wings. Let's start flying around. So you might be asking: 'Hey, isn't too soon for that?' The answer is: no, it is not. The only way to do it is to fricking do it. We got to go, the train is leaving. You're coming or not?


'I knew it would get ugly. I'm not even used to the end of "Chapter 2" and you're already putting some roadblocks ahead of me'. Maybe there is a way around. You mind?


Ok, it wasn't so bad after all. "Chapter 3" ends putting some priorities in our checklists. By now you might be good at knowing your abilities and your improvement points. Get some water and let's start digging.


Some convictions and beliefs got put to test. Some of them stayed on the road behind. There is a new faith gained with your hard work. There is a little more to accomplish before the end...


So here we are. At the end at last. Take a look around. How does it feel to be here? What else are you capable of now you have conquered the honor of those fallen ones? Open the door and see for yourself.